Shri Navin B. Parsana and Shri Ashwin B. Choksi both having experience in the line of manufacturing and exporting of diamonds, joined hands during 1985 for setting up an export oriented unit for cutting and polishing of diamonds.
In order to achieve the above objective, a partnership firm was established in the name and style of "THE DIAMOND CORPORATION" during 1985. Subsequently Mr.Navin B. Parsana went to Belgium and obtained a diploma as a ¡°DIAMOND CUTTER¡± in Antwerp in the field of semi automatic method of Diamond Cutting and Polishing. The said firm then installed semi automatic polishing mills for manufacturing of diamonds at Virwani Industrial Estate, Goregaon (E), Mumbai-400063. The entire production of polished diamonds was manufactured with the then new technology of semi automatic cutting and polishing concept by using sophisticated high tech tools like double head bruiting machines, sawing machines, semi automatic dops and tangs, press pots etc and exported to various countries.

Comparing the advantages of the semi automatic method of cutting and polishing diamonds to the traditional method, all the Indian diamond manufacturing units started converting to the semi automatic method. This created a huge demand for the semi automatic machinery. In order to meet the growing demand for polished diamonds in the international market and to fulfill the demand for the semi automatic machinery in India, the promoters took a decision to form another private limited company in the name of "HEAVEN DIAMONDS PRIVATE LTD." during 1987.

Heaven Diamonds P. Ltd. developed the semi automatic expertise and manufactured its own diamonds as well as carried out labour job for the other diamond exporters. The company also became agent of various manufacturers of semi automatic machinery from Belgium and shared the semi automatic technology with other Indian manufacturers, also helped them to import all the necessary tools from Belgium. The company also introduced the ¡°The Diamond Impregnated Scaife¡± to the Indian Diamond manufacturing industry.

The semi automatic concept revolutionized the Indian diamond manufacturing Industry and country¡¯s export increased manifold. Mr. Navin B. Parsana being one of the pioneers of introducing the semi automatic concept to the Indian Diamond industry was awarded by the Indian government for outstanding individual achievement and distinguished service to nation.

  1. Rajiv Gandhi Shiromani Award.
  2. Indira Gandhi Sadbhavan Award.

Then in 1989-90 we introduced the sophisticated laser cutting technology by importing a laser machine from USA which improvised the traditional hand cleaving process of Rough diamonds. The rough diamonds were kerfed (cleaved) under the laser beam with high accuracy, faster speed and minimum weight loss. As a result the cleaving process became more economically viable. The promoters then installed additional 10 Nos. laser machines for cutting of rough diamonds in their group companies in order to expand the group activities by way of backward integration.

As more and more factories started converting in to the semi automatic concept, the demand for the semi automatic machines increased manifold the Belgium suppliers could not match the demand so the promoters decided to manufacture the semi automatic machinery like the polishing benches, the diamond impregnated scaives, the normal turbo scaives, the dops and tangs the scaife maintenance machines etc. in India.

To achieve the above objective, promoters formed another partnership firm in the name of "THE DIAMOND PROCESSING CORPORATION". The firm acquired a complete factory building having all infrastructural facilities at Kandivali (W), Mumbai-400067 from income tax department during 1990.?? "THE DIAMOND PROCESSING CORPORATION" was engaged in manufacturing of various semi automatic diamond cutting and polishing tools. Sophisticated CNC machines and high tech furnaces were imported by the group companies to improve the quality and match the international standards of manufacturing diamonds and diamond cutting and polishing machinery, which were partly exported to various countries and partly sold locally. Besides, the firm also used its own polishing mills and other tools for cutting and polishing of diamonds.
The group has been expanding its manufacturing activities in different lines other than polished diamonds on continuous basis. In the year 1992 the promoters adapted the High Pressure Heat Treatment (HPHT) technology and with the help of this technology, they started manufacturing of diamond tools , PCD,PDC and color enhancement by using HPHT and various technology. From 1995 the group started consultancy to provide technology to produce low cost PDC and PCD using Chinese machines. This technology was very new to the Diamond Industry and the group companies with the help of HPHT technology started color enhancing to its own production and increased the profitability.Considering the advantages of HPHT process the promoters decided to import the necessary machinery like High Tech furnace machine, etc. and started the HPHT process in India.

Continuing its policy of expanding its manufacturing activities in different lines other than polished diamonds the promoters after spending huge amount of money and time on research and development, diversified into manufacturing of High Tech products like PCD and PDC. Another private limited firm by the name M/s.DNJ BUSINESS.COM PVT. LTD. Was formed. To achieve success in manufacturing products like PCD and PDC perfect environment, infrastructure, machinery supplier and maintenance was needed and after intense survey the promoters selected the city ¡°GUILIN¡± in China and in the year 2007 a subsidiary company of DNJ BUSINESS.COM PVT.LTD. was formed by the name of ¡° GUILIN COLOR ENGINEERED DIAMOND TECHNOLOGY (EDT) CO.LTD.¡±

Initially one press machine along with other ancillary machines were purchased and production was resumed. Today after 2 and half years the number of press machines has increased to seven and the total investment in plant and machinery, along with other furniture and fixtures has amounted to US$ 3 million approximately and has reached annual business turnover to the tune of US$ 5 million. The promoters having expertise in the behavior of natural diamonds to the HPHT process further expanded its capacity to color enhancing programme on natural diamonds.
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